Internet Cafe Woes

Charlie did as Fred had suggested, although she did it with much disdain. Spend time with the survivors of the Ivory Skull, he had suggested. Is the vengeance of those lost worth their sacrifice? As she sat in the Ivory Skull’s most famous internet cafe, she pondered that very question. Of course, the worldwide web …

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Triple Animation Threat

I’m putting together a series of animations that I call the Triple Animation Threat, and I’d like to share it with you today. I’ll take you through the three vignettes I’m making. Feel free to leave your feedback, which I will definitely listen to and make adjustments to my work based on. I don’t work …

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Lich Bath

Look, don’t tell anybody about this, but I’m thinking about getting some bathtub modifications for my safety. I know, it’s shocking. A lich as powerful as me, needing bathroom support? It’s absurd. But, well, something happened the other day. I left my staff and spellbook on the other side of the bathroom as I took …

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