Exposing Business Corruption

I am uploading the transcript of my interview with Maximilian du le Tower, one of the wizard workers at Golems Inc. Let this serve as a record of the poor working conditions at this business, in case something happens to me before I can write my piece in full.

Rose: Thanks for meeting with me, Maximilian. I know things are quite tense in the factory, with Boss Wizard dealing with the taxation issues at the business. At least, that’s what I’ve heard from your coworkers. Care to share anything about that?

Maximilian: You can just call me Max, thanks. And yes, Boss Wizard has been somewhat difficult lately. I’ve been at this company for five years and have never seen him so volatile during tax time. Something big must have happened.

Rose: Why doesn’t he just find a business offering taxation services to help out? Is there anything… illegal going on in the factory that needs to be exposed? Because that’s my specialty. I can help expose the corruption in any business.

Max: No, I don’t think you should get involved. Boss Wizard would kill me if he even knew we had this conversation.

Rose: That’s no good. How much do you get paid for working at the golem factory?

Max: Well, I haven’t actually been paid in a few months. I don’t think anyone at the business has. Boss Wizard keeps telling us that we’ll get paid once the taxes are dealt with. Lately, he’s been ranting about how he can’t get small business accounting for taxes. Melbourne wizards such as myself have learned to just put up with it. Once tax time is over, I’m sure we’ll all get paid.

Rose: Overall, it sounds like a pretty horrible place to work. What were you doing before this job?

Max: I was part of a very successful adventuring party in the land known as the Unknown Realms. We actually saved the world a couple of times. Eventually, though, our bard decided that he could convince a dragon that we wanted to be its servants. The dragon ate all my friends and I teleported to Earth to get away. I’ve been here ever since.