Take Action

What are we doing to the ocean?

  • Our industrial activities release toxic chemicals into it, and these end up in our planet’s water supply and food chains. Think asbestos, lead, oils, petrochemicals, nitrates, phosphates and mercury.
  • Substances generated by agricultural land use end up as ocean contaminants through run-off processes – fertilisers, petrol, pesticides and animal waste all affect marine life.
  • Ships spill crude oil into the ocean. This issue needs no introduction.
  • Our reliance on disposable items that take up to hundreds of years to biodegrade presents a huge pollution problem for the ocean. Plastic, foam, styrofoam and aluminium are all guilty. Again, these can can enter the food chain that humans are a part of.

This is not an exhaustive list.

How can we fix this?

  • Support organisations that advocate for the protection of marine environments and campaign for industrial and governmental changes in this area.
  • Educate yourself on issues affecting the ocean, and tell people about them.
  • Reduce your reliance on plastic, especially disposable plastics. If you must use them, dispose of them with care.
  • Increase the proportion of organic/local/plant-based foods in your diet – these generate significantly less in the way of potential run-off contaminants.