Triple Animation Threat

I’m putting together a series of animations that I call the Triple Animation Threat, and I’d like to share it with you today. I’ll take you through the three vignettes I’m making. Feel free to leave your feedback, which I will definitely listen to and make adjustments to my work based on. I don’t work at any sort of video animation company, so what do I know about making quality animations, right?

The first of my little animations is called The Slippery Slide of Doom. In this animation, the first few frames show a dark waterslide, illuminated only by a few lights on the sides. From there, we see a child standing on top of the slide, ready to go down. He sits and begins his descent, with the ‘camera’ slowly zooming in as he gains speed. At this point, given the title of the animation, you’re expecting something scary to happen, right? Like in that frightening car ride video that was on the internet years ago. But you would be incorrect. The child safely makes it to the bottom, your expectations adequately subverted.

My second animation idea came to me a few years ago. I decided to talk to people at the best video production business in the Melbourne CBD. I saw a couple of people there using sign language to chat with one another, although neither of them actually needed sign language. It turned out that their best friend, who had recently left the business, was deaf. I thought this was so fascinating, and now I have my animation of two people talking in sign language, to make the second part of the Triple Animation Threat.

My favourite of the three is a simple one, but it really makes you think. It’s an animation of an old, rusty train sitting in the scrapyard. There doesn’t seem to be much going on, but if you look really closely, you can see faint smoke billowing from the chimney. The thing is, this is an electric train. It doesn’t even have a chimney. How crazy is that?