Servicing my heater

Winter has hit early this year. Usually, I find that the cold weather doesn’t kick in until June, but this year certainly became brisk quite fast. I hate it when the weather gets colder. It changes the whole atmosphere of things. In summer I like to frequent St Kilda and go for long walks in the sun, meet up with friends, and be really active. When winter hits I find the doom and gloom of the grey skies and icy weather a huge turn off. It gets particularly annoying in May as it means I can never dress nicely on my birthday as I’ll be freezing cold, or I’ll have to lug a huge jacket around.

Given that winter has appeared earlier than I expected, I had to turn my heater on a lot earlier than expected. Of course, it didn’t work. It turned on for a total of four seconds and then suddenly switched off. I tried turning it on and off again but nothing worked. I need to now call someone in to perform a central heating service. Melbourne is a deceptive city as it can get so hot, but boy when it gets cold it is freezing! This heating system has been in the house for the last fourteen years so I shouldn’t complain too much about it as it hasn’t given me any issues until now. If a service is all it takes to get it working again then I’ll be laughing. Things only become a hassle once repairs need to happen. That’s when the bill rises, the days of having technicians walk around your house double, and the struggle to find a missing part becomes imminent. I’m crossing my fingers that a service will be sufficient. My friend recommended a company that fixed his central heating for Melbourne homes that he was renting out. I’m glad to hear they did a great job across all his properties. If someone can get a job right multiple times rather than getting lucky once, then clearly they know how to do their job well.