Flying Boat Story

The other day, I was walking along my usual trail, looking out for anything that would catch my interest. I’m a writer by profession, which I suppose shouldn’t be too surprising, given I write blogs. Each morning, the first thing I do is go for a long walk through the bush, hoping to find a prompt to inspire one of my award-winning short stories. And boy, did I find something interesting this particular time. In the middle of the Australian bush, I found a rusty old boat, flipped upside down. It was in such poor condition that I can hardly describe it. Let’s just say that to fix this water vehicle, it would take a bit more than marine stainless fabrication for boats. Around Melbourne, you’d probably find a lot of abandoned boats. Likewise in Sydney, or any Australian city. But not in the bush. Seeing something so strange gave me the perfect idea for a story.

My short story, which I am currently working on, is about a sentient pineapple who drives a floating speedboat. Piney has no need for a boat latch when he wants to transport his boat out of the water because his boat can fly. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I even have a sentient pineapple character. The thing is that I write a lot of surrealist fiction. It’s not supposed to make any sense. So, I figured why not have a character who used to be a regular pineapple, who was fused with a mad scientist as part of a crazy experiment? That’s right, Piney isn’t just a sentient pineapple. He’s a mad, sentient pineapple. At the end of the story, Piney crashes his boat in the middle of the Australian bush. With the boat a complete wreck, Piney must survive in a harsh wilderness where everything is trying to eat him. The committee might as well just give me my next award now, before the story is even finished.