Daryn the Sneaky

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Saint Daryn the Sneaky? Saint Daryn was a carpenter from the Melbourne area, so powerful and so smart he could use his carpentry skills to create… doors. He had such a knowledge of door creation and replacement that he could even offer this service for free, without asking. He would go to people’s houses in the middle of the night, sneaking about, and replace their broken and damaged doors like some sort of carpentry Santa Claus. 

Carpentry is a pathway to many abilities people might consider to be outside of the natural realm. Eventually, Saint Daryn became so powerful, fixing doors at will, that the only thing he was afraid of was having his power taken away. Many people coveted his talent for door replacement around Melbourne, you see, and they wanted this power for themselves.

Eventually, of course, Saint Daryn would lose his power. We know this, as the story is a tragedy. It’s the only way it could possibly end. Saint Daryn was training an apprentice to help him more efficiently repair and replace doors across the Melbourne area. But he kept secrets from his apprentice, teaching him slowly. As the days and weeks passed, the apprentice grew resentful. And so, when they were performing a sliding doors installation, his apprentice took Saint Daryns power and claimed it for himself. Ironic. He could save doors from death, but not himself.

These days, Daryn’s apprentice travels around Melbourne as a mysterious window and door replacement salesman. He demands a high price for his services, twisting the pure ways of door charity Saint Daryn taught him. They say he wears a dark brown cloak which hides his face, and the air around him is always cold, as if you are standing in a refrigerator. If you ever come across this man, dear reader, I urge you to turn and flee. Do not pay for his services; otherwise, it may be your last door replacement.