Glass Dismissed

There’s too much glass in my life of late. If it’s not a new shower screen for the apartment, it’s a splash-back for the kitchen, and if it’s not that, it’s gathering quotes for replacing the balustrades at the station. Actually, that last one’s the real trip. It’s taking up all my time, and it’s like, do I look like an expert in glazing? Unless you’re talking about sugar coatings on doughnuts, I know next to nothing about it. 

How’s a guy supposed to get some police work done when he’s up to his elbows in glass samples and interior design magazines? Sergeant keeps saying it’s part and parcel of the job, but seriously… how is it? All I can think to do is cut as many corners as possible. At least that way I can get back to work, even if I have to do so under the shadow of some hastily chosen balustrades.

Commercial glaziers near Melbourne are plentiful, but I don’t know that too many of them have worked with a cop shop before. Our budgetary restrictions are pretty severe, which means we can’t make aesthetics our focus. What would that look like? I mean, it’d look pretty nice, probably, but that’s neither here nor there. The glass replacement at the station is just going to have to fit within our budget, and that’s all there is to it. 

It does take the fun out of it, unfortunately, and also means I’m channelling the creative decision-making into my home shower screen and splash-back. As a result, it’s looking like I might be saddled with a ‘purple and LED under-lighting’ theme for my home’s glass upgrades. I realise I’m going too far, but I have this weird impulse to compensate for the austere conditions under which I must manage the balustrade replacement.