The Marine Welding Trend

I guess I’ve always just enjoyed following trends…but they’re not usually this expensive. I see a nice jacket that everyone else is wearing, I buy that nice jacket. Everyone else has decals on their car? Better get some as well. Something about not keeping up just sets me on edge, you know? And now everyone is sailing around in boats. Guess that means…I have to get a boat as well?

And it can’t be a little sailboat, either. Nope, the trend isn’t simply ‘seafaring’. It has to be a huge big boat, forged in the heart of Melbourne’s marine stainless steel welding industry, plate alloy bottom. Maybe a snapper rack or two. I still don’t really know what those are, but I will once I get my boat, I…guess. Yeah, about that…I do respect ll the stainless steel welding that goes on, and I’m really happy for the industry for doing well and putting food on the table for its wonderful employees. Those are all things I usually tell myself before making an impulse purchase to keep up with a trend, but…it’s not really working this time.

It reminds me of that old saying: ‘Those who can boat, must boat. Those who cannot afford, watch from the shore, or maybe mooch a ride with a friend.’

There’s wisdom in those old words, and it’s all down to the word ‘watch. If you can’t do something, you show your support by watching it instead. That’s the entire rationale behind professional sports. You can’t actually play football at the professional level, so you go along and watch, so these people have a REASON to play and get paid silly amounts of money.

So this may be one trend in which I am a spectator. Unless of course I come across someone who fits plate alloy boats and I save their life, and they give me a plate alloy boat in return. I don’t see that happening…