Jet Boosters, for Fun and Profit

It’s a well-known fact that everything can be improved with jet boosters. It COULD be improved, that is. I’ve yet to see this theory tested out in the real life, but I bet it’s be just wonderful. Just imagine hopping on your bike to school, and getting there ten times as fast because you just had your bike outfitted with jet boosters. Of course, turning corners would be a struggle, but you could still adjust the power of the jet boosters. Maybe you’d have to pass a test to see if you’re capable of recognising when a corner or other solid hazard is coming up, a bit like bike-ed, but mandatory due to danger of imminent death.

Not so on the open seas, though. I know a motorboat is basically just a boat with very small, very weak jet boosters, but imagine if it was souped up a bit. That is, imagine if it was done right. I’ve had to shop around a bit for a reliable outboard motor mechanic in Melbourne this time. A lot of them are refusing to work with me because I’m a ‘menace’ and a ‘danger’ and ‘I’ll get myself and others killed’. There’s also the fact that I didn’t tell them last time about all my sweet boat mods. Apparently that’s a bit dangerous as well, but I swear it just slipped my mind. It’s not an easy thing to find good quality outboard motor repairs near MelbourneI found a place that did motor repairs and servicing, and I was immediately distracted by trying to fit jet boosters to roller skates, as you do. In case you’re wondering, that didn’t really work so well either. No more roller skates, but the dentist was able to fit my teeth back into place, so all’s well.

I’ll just try again. The open seas, with no traffic or walls, are still the best place for my jet booster dream to become a reality. Give it a few years and every marine mechanic will list ‘jet booster services’ on their website. The future…is jet boosters.