So There’s This Guy in the Office…

I don’t want this to sound overly weird, but I think one of the guys in our office might be a wizard.

I know…they don’t exist anymore, not since King Arthur made that law where they’d be shot on sight if any of them showed their face again, a law that has endured across nations and continents to the modern era. I think they all went back to some ethereal realm or whatever.

Now one of them is in our office, I think, maybe. I’m about 85% sure. Fortigaul is a really nice guy, but I can’t place his accent and he really likes wearing a big pointy hat. He drives, which isn’t very wizard-like, but I did see him in the kitchen the other day chanting an ancient incantation to summon enchanted flames that heated up his tupperware full of linguine. I dunno, that could’ve been a role-play thing.

But the other day, we heard that we were getting in some really well known and respected office interior designers from a place near Melbourne. The boss called everyone together for a meeting, and he said the whole office was going to be ‘transformed’, and everyone was all freaked out for a moment. I thought that was weird, but at the time my mind just went to the normal thing: he watches Grand Office Designs and he forgot to record last night’s episode. I, also, forgot to record last night episode of Grand Office Designs, so I’m going to have to watch it on catch-up. But then I went home and looked up ancient terms, and turns out that transformation and transfiguration were basically interchangeable. What if he thought that we were getting in real wizards??

Now, the office designers working in Melbourne COULD be described as wizards, but not in that way. They just have impeccable style.

Now I have to decide what to do: let things be, turn in our resident wizard as according to the law, or befriend him and learn his arcane secrets. Just saying, I could solve a lot of my problems with powerful sorcery.