Old Kitchen Design

Ironically, I’m going to need some modern kitchen design for my medieval-themed kitchen. It’s all the illusion, of course…we’re not actually going to be cooking things the way they used to do back in olden days, days of yore. I plan to give our restaurant kitchen a total makeover, while keeping the quality kitchen supplies underneath.

I’ve noticed recently that there’s a notable lack of themed restaurants in Melbourne. There are loads of cuisine-specific restaurants…I mean, every restaurant is cuisine-specific to some degree…but as for ones with a theme, there aren’t many. There’s that one that’s a spooky theme, but that has a limited clientele. That’s always the danger of going after a really heavy theme: you might end up isolating a certain demographic. Also, people tend to think of your restaurant as a place to go for special events, not just a random night out. So with that in mind, I’m going to keep the medieval theme pretty light to begin with. Costumes and decor, sure, but not full-on role-play. We’ll see how things go, get some feedback.

I’d really like there to be an open kitchen, however, so I need the kitchen makeover to be spectacular. A marvel of modern kitchen design, encased in what looks like a kitchen from the middle ages. The idea of it being open means that part of the appeal is coming along and seeing people roasting your hog, or stewing your chestnuts. Still working on the menu, but at least I know what I want the quality kitchen makeover. Melbourne is the style capital of the national and I want my kitchen to look the part.

Who would’ve thought there’d be a medieval restaurant right in the heart of Melbourne? I’m hoping this is going to be a major tourist thing. In which case, I need to hire staff who can pull off the look, but also…are multilingual.