Offices Are Vexing

How do I keep getting myself tangled in office design? I don’t even work in an office! And of course, for someone with my free spirit, working in an office would be paramount to murder. I’d steadily waste away, my universal energies drained until I was nothing but an empty shell, entering data only to go home to my grey house where I watch dull television before going to bed and starting to same thing all over again the next day. What a life…what a fate…what a world.

Anyway, we brushed against that in our Universal Meditation Class the other day when Guru brought in…Dave!

He works freelance, which is okay, but he also sometimes also helps out with office design, which gave many of us the palpitations of fear and trepidation. He doesn’t actually work for any of the local companies that deal with office interior design. Melbourne based co-workers are not all that fond of Dave as he used to be in charge of the interstate offices. He doesn’t even have a desk here. He doesn’t have conversations at a water cooler and complain about Cathy from HR taking his parking space, which I suppose is why Guru brought him in to see us. Dave is a slightly safer option than bringing in an actual office worker, which may cause some of us to faint. I don’t actually mind the idea of design, even if it means going into an office. Design is using creativity, using one’s brain to bring beauty into reality. Who am I to judge? Even offices can be made beautiful. I don’t know how- the only thing I can think of is if they got rid of the ceiling and the walls and just had it all outdoors- but Dave does it. There are whole fitout companies in Melbourne that do it. They should be applauded for their great work of taking a corporate place of work and industry and capitalism and 9-5 grind employment and changing them into something truly wonderful. I think. I’m not sure; haven’t seen any finished products. But I accidentally walked into an office when I was looking for a bathroom once, and all the grey gave me nightmares for weeks.