Batteries Are Everything, Apparently

My 19 year-old daughter has become mildly obsessed with all things auto electrical. Granted, she’s in the midst of a mechanical engineering degree, but I was hoping she might get caught up in something a bit more exciting, like building robots. For some reason, I’ve been harbouring visions of her setting up a mad inventor’s lab in the garage.

Okay, so my understanding of what engineering is all about is probably wildly off the mark. But honestly, what’s so fascinating about starter motors, scan tool diagnostics and batteries? “Batteries are everything, dad,” she replied when I made this enquiry to her face. I really had no response to that… maybe I ought to look into it.

On the plus side, I don’t have to see a mechanic for assessment of my latest issue with the auto electrical. Bentleigh has decent mechanics aplenty, but getting around to seeing one is always a hassle – especially when you’re not sure how bad the problem really is. Like, what if it’s fine to put it off for another six months? But also, what if it really isn’t?

With Kaitlin’s new found interest on hand, I can at least get some idea of the lay of the land from the comfort of the couch. Yeah, yeah – I realise she’s not a mechanic, and could well be getting all manner of things wrong. I shouldn’t place the maintenance of heavy machinery in the hands of a first-year undergrad, I suppose. I should make the effort to see a qualified car repair professional.

Well, I should do a lot of things. Arranging car servicing and repair, Bentleigh readers, is not at the top of the list, let me assure you. Giving my kid a practical avenue to explore her (highly convenient) passion for auto electronics, on the other hand, is something I can get down with.

Now, if she could just develop an overwhelming interest in paying for her dad to go on holiday to Hawaii, I’d be all set.