Give Me A Brake

I have this recurring nightmare, right. It involves me driving my car at high speed, trying to slow down, and realising that pressing the brake pedal makes me speed up – and there’s no way of slowing down. The car just goes faster and faster.

Deep analysis aside, I reckon there might be a straightforward message at play in this dream, which is that I’m due to have my car’s brakes checked. While they’re certainly not going as far as to increase my speed, they are taking a wee bit longer than usual to slow me down – it’s barely perceptible, but I think it’s freaking me out just a tad. It also feels to me like the car is pulling slightly to one side when I brake, which probably isn’t the best.

I’ve heard that you should have your brakes checked every six months. Show of hands for who’s on top of that? (Note: my hand didn’t go up.) I know, I know – it’s high time I booked in with a mechanic for brake servicing. Ringwood is on my way to work and I know a decent shop there; maybe I could drop it off at a service centre around that neck of the woods later this week.

The problem is that when I do drive past my usual mechanic in Ringwood, booking automotive services tends to be the last thing on my mind, so I never remember to do it. I guess that could be why this dream has cropped up – it’s a timely reminder to take action this brake issue before it gets dangerous.

I wonder if there’s anything else on my car that could do with being looked at by a pro. A general servicing wouldn’t go astray, I suppose; could be time to bite the bullet and order the whole shebang on the maintenance side of things. I should be grateful that I’m not in need in of any major repairs – at least, as far as I know – and getting the service will help make sure it stays that way.