Watch Out for Those Windmills?

It is I, Georgina Glass.

Sometimes I long for the quiet life. That’s a sentiment I never, ever, ever had back home, where in fact my thoughts were the exact opposite. Nothing ever happened there, so I spent my childhood and teenage years relatively safe but kinda bored. And now I’m in Melbourne, and it’s the total opposite. Bit weird, but in between my job and my course, I’m kept pretty busy. Date night keeps getting postponed, which is the worst thing.

And now I’m attending a conference on the dangers of wind power. I’m actually just doing it as an official note taker- it pays surprisingly well- but I’m still learning a lot about how industrial solar power is the future, and how wind power is actually a secret scheme by environment-haters who want us to think that we’re doing good when we’re not.

Okay, I actually have my doubts about that one. Solar power is great, that part is fine. Commercial LED lighting is fine as well, though I didn’t quite follow the tangent. I’ll have to look back at my notes later. But wind farms being some sort of evil scheme? It doesn’t add up. I’ve been looking over my notes and I’ve got ‘solar power’ with a lot of bubbles and some green ticks. But on the other hand, I’ve got ‘WIND POWER’, what seems like a bunch of disconnected words with an arrow running through them, and they all lead to me just scribbling ‘ILLUMINATI’ at the bottom of the page. I wish I could’ve made it clearer, but it just wasn’t. Feels like someone just wandered into the conference and they gave them a free slot.

Anyway…lessons learned. Solar power is good, wind farms at least need some research and Melbourne’s industrial LED lighting is also doing very well. Doesn’t matter too much to me…they’re not my notes. But it’s just all very nice to know.