Flying Cars NOW

We here at the Flying Car Advocates Society would like it to be known that we’re very tired of waiting for flying cars. I mean, the name says it all. That’s why we chose it.

Our group has only been going for a week, but I think we’re already coming up with solid plans to pressure major manufacturers into giving us cars that fly already, darnit.

Originally we all met on Odd-Match after listing ‘frustration at the lack of flying cars’ in our interests. But then it turned out there there were several thousand of us, so they kicked us off the site for not being exclusive and now we’re separated into chapters.

Ours in in Bentleigh. Mechanics have quite a strong presence here due to it being the place where the Volkswagen Beetle first entered Australia, and now it’s sort of a ‘car’ place. Anyway, I’m proud to be here, because it’s also where flying cars are going to finally become a thing, darnit. Now, there’s plenty of auto electrical work going on here, which is perfect. Electrical is going to become an even bigger deal when you have to factor in wings, propulsion, and other assorted flying car stuff. In fact, mechanics are going to find that the face of the industry changes somewhat once they basically all become aerospace engineers. But that’s the wonderful way of the world: there’s always plenty to learn!

We’ve already contacted the development team in Over-Botch to see if they can add flying to the cars in-game, because it’s all virtual and no one gets hurt by collisions or engine failure, but they said that would interfere with their policy of realism. And so, we’re going to have to do things in reverse. Make cars fly in real life, THEN have them added to a virtual game.

Maybe some Bentleigh car service centrescould sign a petition, or something. We could get quotes. Pics for social media. Or just a really quality auto electrical service, you know? Keep supporting the industry, even if it’s not as futuristic as we’d like at the moment.