Breakfast at Mine!

I’m thinking I need to just offer brunch. Like, make the cafe a ‘brunch’ place, with heavy emphasis on foods that could be considered both breakfast and lunch, but could never be mistake for anything but hybrids. Gourmet oatmeal is out. Eggs benedict is borderline…maybe with a bit of lunch-y alteration.

I just wanted my own little cafe, with a catchy name that says “Hey come have breakfast at my place!” I wanted to use my name, because it’s my place, and suddenly everyone’s up in arms at me because I’m ‘infringing on copyright’. Good grief.

I need to go talk to the Malvern conveyancers, see if I can’t get the property transfer put on hold so I can move somewhere else. I don’t know exactly how far they are through the process, so maybe I can leap in and maybe move elsewhere. That’s going to be a pain, though…I looked for ages until I found the perfect place in Malvern, and now I’m going to have to jump ship and delay the grand opening, just because people had a problem with the name. The world needs more breakfast cafes, but it’s just not to be, for stupid reasons.

I’ve sort of enjoyed the conveyancing process, though, truth be told. I know that sounds odd, but meeting with conveyancing lawyers has been the one thing in my life that’s felt truly sound. Like, these people know their job, they know the lingo, and while I’m totally lost, I at least know that they are not. With everything else in life feeling like it’s being tossed around by a tsunami/earthquake combo, it’s nice to meet with some actual professionals.

And speaking of which…might need to find a conveyancing office in St Kilda, as my next venture. Maybe I could try the breakfast thing there. “Breakfast at mine!”, it’s the perfect vibe! People are stupid, sometimes.