Toddler, jetlag and an indoor play center? Don’t knock it ‘til you try the coffee.

We’d been back from our holiday in Tuscany for only a few hours when it hit me.  I certainly didn’t think I’d end up at a Melbourne indoor party centre for active kids that morning, but I did. My toddler wouldn’t have jet lag, but I sure would. You know that feeling when you wake and realise you’ve probably slept in? It’s a mixture of fear and disorientation, to me, that’s how jet lag feels- like I’m perpetually running from something and I can’ remember what it was. Thank goodness I remembered the heaven-sent indoor play centre. Melbourne was just waking up at this point, so I’d have to wait, but not for long. I planned to have Charlie burning off some serious energy in just a few hours- at least enough to secure us both afternoon naps.

We arrived home last night around four in the morning, and Charlie, having slept the whole flight leg and car ride home somehow, and by some miracle of the powers that be, went to bed without stirring. I collapsed into my own bed, time zones and boarding announcements, cab lights flashing in front of my eyes. Then in what felt like seconds later, Charlie stood at the edge of my bed, demanding his Lego tray. I felt like a bit of a monster.

Looking at the clock, I’d had three hours sleep, catching up on almost two days of no rest, airports and getting us back home… I know when I’m not going to cope- I needed a plan.

I peeled myself out of bed and gave Charlie his Lego tray. I put on a pot of coffee, defrosted some croissants in the oven and opened my laptop. and immediately typed the business hours into a search. All I had to do was hang on for a couple more hours, and I could take Charlie there and let him do what toddlers do best. I planned to drink as much coffee as possible in meantime.