Ignoring Seasons

Everyone thinks that we goths hate summer, but it’s not true. It’s just that many of us prefer not to be swayed by the seasons in how we present. You might not think that black lace dress, thick gauntlets and high leather boots are ideal attire for a balmy day at the beach, but that’s just your opinion. While many people are out there getting burnt to a crisp, we’re staying perfectly poised under our black parasols, thank you kindly. 

I suppose there are some people who gravitate to darker dress and culture because they’re naturally sensitive to the sun, so maybe that has something to do with the stereotype. I actually suspect, though, that there are at least as many who get a kick out the whole ‘finding creative ways to swathe oneself in black fabric without getting too hot’ thing. It probably leads some to be overly reliant on air conditioning, but the same could be said of your average Joe these days. 

I’d hazard a guess that, on the whole, goths aren’t as reliant as others on heating in winter, because we’re not afraid to stack on the layers and go out for a walk in the woods with our wolverine familiars… at least, that’s the self-image we’d like to uphold. In all honesty, though, tend to forget that winter climate control is even an option until it’s time to make my annual central heating service booking. Melbourne locals, can you say the same for yourself? Don’t pretend you haven’t had your heating cranked since Easter. 

I’ve no doubt that, if you’re a ducted gas heating installer, Melbourne is a great place to do business. People are soft about the weather. Goths, though, are something of an exception – they just get on with whatever the climate throws at them, and don’t make too much effort to adapt their wardrobe accordingly.