Floating Orchestra, I Dig It. 10/10

Best. Concert. EVER.

That would pretty much sum up my review, but the magazine is paying me by the word, so whatever. This will be edited out, for sure.

This massive concert has been going on in the bay area every year for…ages. I guess I’ll look up when it began later. Pretty cool how they have what’s basically an entire orchestra in a small fleet of boats. The only part where it dragged was the start, where the guy organising the whole thing came out and gave a lengthy speech praising Melbourne’s top quality outboard motor repair services. I get that you have sponsors. Not just sponsors, in fact…they’re the ones who made sure every part of the floating orchestra can zip out when they were needed. But still, the speech went on for about seven minutes, praising Melbourne’s boating industry as one of the best in the world, and…I don’t know. Other stuff. I started looking at my phone a couple of minutes in, when it became clear that he wasn’t stopping any time soon. Guess the guy really likes outboard motors. And anchor winches. Don’t know what they are, but it has ‘anchor’ in the name, so they probably had a bit to do with how the boats were able to stay in place and not drift away. Or crash into each other. Fun though it would be for the boatload of violin players to capsize the boat with the twin keyboard players, I WAS enjoying the tunes. Disasters are fun, stuff going well is probably better. They had a good library as well; bunch of classic with a few contemporary hits. The crowd was into it.

I literally have never been to one of these in my life, but…best concert ever. Sure, why not. And ultra special thanks to companies in Melbourne who install anchor winches, Wouldn’t want the boats floating away mid set! I guess I should mention it somewhere that I was invited to the event and given VIP treatment.