Finding Homes, Sounds Fun

It is I, Georgina Glass, and I keep thinking I’ve got this whole ‘Australia’ thing down. Alas, I keep getting proved wrong, in many areas. I’m like 90% sure that Macca’s refers to the fast food restaurant, and a drop-kick is a person who isn’t too smart. But then we get to the more sophisticated side of Australia, the side that the media doesn’t ever hint at. Like, back where I’m from we don’t have anything like self-serve checkouts. Talk about fancy.

Then there are the ultra-fancy ways people buy homes around here. The BF and I went to a speed dating night- just for a bit of a giggle, obviously- and one guy I kept ending up with was someone who helps out with buyers advocacy. Suburbs in Melbourne were his forte; in fact, he seemed to have a map of the city printed onto his brain. Now I know exactly what lies next to Collingwood, where you’d find Elsternwick, and the postcode to Bayswater. Don’t know if I’ll ever actually use that information, but sure. Property advocates run around the place finding properties for people…advocating for them, if you will. ┬áDon’t really understand the concept myself, but I suppose if you can never get out of work, you need someone to scurry round and do that sort of thing for you. I can dig that. Not sure it’s something I’ll ever be using, but it’s an okay concept!

Better than the other guy I kept finding myself matched with. Cute, but he pretty much just talked about how he was an expert frog breeder. I wanted no details, but details were given regardless. That’s what you get for speed dating when you’re already partnered in secret, I guess. Honestly, I’d rather chat about Melbourne’s buyers advocate industry all night, even though I have no real clue how it works.