Escaping the Room

I can’t believe we got out of that escape room alive… only to walk into a massive battle between the members of the Church of the Tinted Flock and the Auto King’s loyalists. That’s right, they’re at it again, causing havoc across the entire city of Melbourne. Will this feud between them ever end?

It turns out that the Auto King’s forces had taken over the escape room building, tying up all of the employees. When Jane finally cracked the tenth and final puzzle, we found them there, needing to be rescued. Apparently, the Auto King’s soldiers have moved on from this temporary location, so we are safe for now.

This date didn’t really go as I had planned it. Jane solved most of the puzzles, while I just stood there being all frustrated at the design and inaccuracy of it all. I’ve completed drain repairs across Brighton, Essendon and Camberwell, so I should be able to do a plumbing-themed escape room with ease. I didn’t get the chance to tell Jane that I have had a huge crush on her ever since the eighth grade. I guess I’ll just have to plan another date when this whole glass tinting conflict is over.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll get back to drain cleaning. Melbourne doesn’t rest when it comes to broken drains, even if there is a big battle going on. I need to get Jane home safely first, but then I’ll be back to work. Hopefully my car hasn’t been destroyed in the battle going on outside.

I can’t believe this plan of mine didn’t work. It’s going to be so hard to plan another activity and arrange for it to just be me and Jane. Then again, maybe I could just tell her that I had fun (even though I didn’t) and suggest that we do another escape room together. Yeah, hopefully that will work.

– Joe