Bernard’s Car Show

Bernard the All-Powerful Wizard was taking his time getting to the car workshop. He knew that his master plan was perfect because, well, he was the one who made it. You don’t live several centuries without picking up the art of social interaction.

Pushing his sunglasses firmly up the bridge of his nose, he sauntered into the workshop. He took a deep breath in, savouring the heavy scent of petrol and other mysterious car fluids. 

“That’s the smell of victory,” he grinned.

“All right boys!” he called out. His voice echoed through the large workshop. Every mechanic within driving distance of Lockleys must have heard him call out. He raised his hands, creating a spark of electricity across his fingertips. His Hawaiin button-up shirt billowed in the breeze created by the diagnostic tools. Satisfied that he had their attention, he turned to stare down each gaping face.

“Hear me, for I am Bernard the All-Powerful Wizard,” he yelled. “If you want to escape with your life, then point me to the most experienced mechanic, so he may fulfil my auto electrical services.”

A voice cut him off. 

“Ah, you mean Gazza?” a short woman in a stained top called out. She had been underneath a car, performing an oil change, when Bernie had initially begun his performance. This probably meant she had little knowledge of his magical display of electric power. 

“Gazza’s on break but we have Petey who can help ya if ya don’t want to wait?”

“Well,” Bernie paused, contemplating the best course of action. “How long does the break take?”

“Lord knows with Gazza.”

“How good is Petey?”

The woman glanced over at a man who gave a small, fearful wave. The man was shaking his head at her to save him – clearly, he had seen Bernie’s display of power. 

“Eh,” the woman shrugged.

“Fine,” Bernie sighed, letting his arms fall awkwardly to his sides. “Can I book in to see Gazza tomorrow?”

“Sure, you just need to fill out some paperwork.”

“You know what? I’m just going to find him on his break.”