Uplifting Windows

The community centre is finally coming together. Woo hoo! I’d had it just about up to here with the red tape, but the end is in sight – or, rather, the start of actually doing the thing. Anyway, now that we’ve got the okay to host the public in the building, the next step is getting it looking good enough to put on a fundraiser for kitting the place out. It just needs a little something to make it feel a bit more vibrant, and that we can install on the grant money we just got from the council.

I’m thinking we could stand to do something with the windows that face out onto the street, because let me tell you, the view is not that inspiring. We need something that lets the windows be windows, while creating a great ambience inside and an appealing frontage outside. Enter the concept of decorative glass frosting. Melbourne office dwellers, you no doubt know about this already. 

A friend was telling me recently that her workplace had recently installed some kind of digitally printed film on its glass partitions, such that they now appear to be etched with the company’s logo. Maybe we could get something like that for our windows, assuming there’s a company that does these decorative, custom window films in Melbourne.

I don’t want it to look corporate, though – I’m thinking more along the lines of an uplifting, colourful design that will support the room’s multi-purpose usage. Now that I’m on this line of thought, it occurs to me that a bit of UV protection wouldn’t go astray; the windows are a great in that they’re big enough to let in heaps of natural light, but that factor could actually be a bit of a drawback for kids playgroups and the like. Maybe a spot of window tinting would be in order, especially if we’re going to be augmenting the glass anyway.