Travel Fatigue: Property

09:00 AM – The game of Capitalism kicks off! Sam, Ben, and Adam roll the dice at the starting line near the iconic Mornington Peninsula sign. The excitement is palpable as they set off on their individual journeys.

09:30 AMSam’s Update: Sam has made his first stop near a renowned construction company. He’s been challenged to design a makeshift luxury home using only the materials provided. The clock is ticking as he sketches out his plans.

10:00 AMBen’s Update: Ben encounters an expert architect based on the Mornington Peninsula. The architect has set a complex structural puzzle for Ben to solve. If successful, he’ll claim a prime location on the board. Spectators are watching closely as Ben ponders over the blueprint.

10:30 AMAdam’s Update: Adam is making his way towards Arthur’s Seat, hoping to find his first challenge. The scenic route is breathtaking, but he knows he can’t afford to get distracted.

11:00 AMSam’s Update: Sam has completed his makeshift luxury home for the renowned construction company for Mornington Peninsula property, impressing the judges with his innovative design. He claims his first property on the board. A strong start for Sam!

11:30 AMBen’s Update: Ben has solved the architect’s puzzle, showcasing his keen understanding of structural integrity. He secures the location, adding a valuable property to his portfolio.

12:00 PMAdam’s Update: Adam arrives at Arthur’s Seat and is presented with a physical challenge. He must climb to the summit and take a selfie with the panoramic view. The race is on!

12:30 PMLunch Break: With Adam claiming Arthur’s Seat, the friends take a brief pause to refuel. They share stories of their morning challenges, each determined to outdo the others in the afternoon.

01:00 PM – The game resumes! Sam heads towards the Peninsula Hot Springs, Ben sets off for the coastal trails, and Adam aims for the vineyards. The competition is heating up!

Stay tuned for more live updates as the game of Capitalism continues on the Mornington Peninsula! Who will emerge as the ultimate capitalist?