The Real Magic is Believing in Your Own…Lights

It may have been a mere anime, but after seeing it, I now know…magic is real. And the greatest magic of all is believing in the people around you!

What an uplifting message delivered by Small Warlock Scholarship, the show about a boy going to a school for magic. It’s sort of like that other series about a boy who goes to a school for magic, except with less of the teen angst and more segregated education, of which I approve because it cuts down on all the hormone problems.

Things would be a lot more efficient if everything was just magic, all the time. Like, if you could jump on a broom and your commute was over. And maybe some people would spring for some real residential lighting solutions instead of being a total miser and making us stumble up the apartment stairs in half-darkness, Mr Kretchener. Honestly, the guy who owns our building is such a miser. We’ve been having troubles with those lights for ages, but the guy doesn’t see it as much of a problem so he does nothing. Sometimes they just go off for days at a time and we have to stumble up those stone steps in complete darkness, because no one thought to put windows in that place.

In Small Warlock Scholarship they have glow faeries that live inside the lights. So you always have lights, because the faeries just live there and naturally beam out rays. That’s basically their version of industrial lighting, whereas I suppose designer lighting would be magically suspending gigantic fishbowls that contain luminescent magical manta rays. They glow because they are magic, unlike actual designer lighting solutions that glow because of a complex chemical reaction, maybe. I’m not sure. I’ve lived in this world for decades, I should know how lighting works. Instead, I’m more interested in knowing if magic is real, partially to fix our lighting problem, and partially because I want to turn Mr Kretchener into a warthog.