Get cosmetic treatments: Win an award

When an actor wants to win an award, they change themselves. It’s a surefire way to get the nod for best actor. Lose a load of weight, put on a load of weight, cut your hair, cut…other stuff, and inhabit the character, so called ‘method acting’.

Follow that path and success is waiting for you. I personally don’t like the concept of method acting at all. Like, if you’re acting, you’re pretending to be another person. People who are good at that are good actors; method acting is a crutch.

But that’s just my opinion as a filmmaker, not an actor. I wouldn’t have a problem with some physical changes to increase the immersion. I was recently involved in a film project, where I was put in charge of costuming for some strange reason. Nobody was available to help out and somebody had to do it.

The lead male actor was going to be playing a women in disguise in order to get close to his target who went to all girls school. For the duration of the shoot the actor would need to be hair free, so a frantic search began to find someone to conduct the laser hair removal. Melbourne beauty clinics were asked to sign a confidentiality agreements so the public wouldn’t know the twist. The laser hair removal was essential as the shoot was going to run long hours in remote locations.

Cosmetic surgeries nowadays seem to be getting more and more permanent, which I guess is great for some people. If you want to darken your eyebrow in Melbourne, permanent cosmetic tattooing is an option. You don’t have to worry about thin eyebrows ever again.

Makes things much easier for people in the movie business. If your mouth isn’t quite the right shape, dermal fillers are the solution. This is why I like to be behind the camera most of the time…acting is just too extreme.