Copycat Kitchen

My sister won’t stop going on about her new ‘farmhouse kitchen’. What does that even mean? I assume it’s something along the lines of a rustic look, and I wish she’d just say that instead of doing this whole wannabe urban farmer charade. So you grew some mint on your windowsill; big whoop.

I know I’m being a tad mean here, but Marianne really gets my goat (farmhouse reference intended). She’s always been the one that people think of as creative, while I’m the ‘serious’ one. Little do they know that most of her ‘inspired’ ideas are actually direct from the pages of Rogue magazine. Do they live under a rock? There’s a difference between being creative and being competent at following trends, but my family never got that memo.

Anyway, every time I see her lately the whole conversation ends up being about her latest kitchen renovation ideas, and I really couldn’t care less. I already know it’s going to look very nice, and she already knows it as well, so why can’t she just get on with installing her wooden countertops and sculptural copper splashbacks?

No one gave a toss last year when I did my laundry renovation project, despite the fact that I pulled it off DIY style. I was pretty impressed with myself, to be honest. But because the relos don’t see me as a ‘creative type’, it got passed off as just another smart move on my part rather than an act of creative expression – which it totally was. I mean, I didn’t get the idea from a magazine. I figured it all out by myself.

Maybe I’m slightly bitter. It’s not really Marianne’s fault, after all – no one’s ever told her that creativity generally involves coming up with an original idea, so how would she know? Besides, she’s probably just excited about having a kitchen that makes her feel like she’s involved in her food production in a hands-on way.