Bathroom excitement

My husband has a promotion coming! Do you know what that means for me? A brand new bathroom. I am so sick of our current bathroom. It is dated and tacky. Our current bathroom is the same bathroom we had when we first moved in. Some of the tiles are damaged, the grouting is brown, the fittings are rusted, and some of the drawers have been damaged from the water. I just hate the whole bathroom and want it changed. Actually, I wanted it changed when we first got the place but we weren’t in the financial position to do so. 

With my husband’s promotion looming, we’ve spent the last few weeks contemplating different ways we could use this extra money to improve our lives. Sure, we could go on a holiday or get a really cool new car, but there are definitely things within our home we need to prioritise. I’ve decided to get the best bathroom and laundry renovations specialists Melbourne has to offer for this job. I figured since we’re getting the bathroom done, we might as well get the laundry done as well. Our laundry isn’t necessarily in bad condition, but the layout is shocking. It’s currently very cramped and I hate the machine we have. Everything about our laundry screams ‘twenty years old’, so I’m keen to get that changed too.
I am yet to decide what kind of style I want for the bathroom refurbishment. There are just so many options out there. Different textures, materials, fittings, fixtures, and colours. The world is at my fingertips and I can’t wait to get this project started. My husband, however, is dreading the thought of this project. He’s a worrier by nature, so he can’t stop worrying about where the family will be able to shower and go to the toilet during the renovations. I tell him he doesn’t need to worry as we can always use the kids’ bathroom. Besides, I’m sure the renovators will help us organise something. All I know is I’m finally getting the bathroom of my dreams.