We bought a house and still want to live together: A miracle!

Jase and I made a commitment to each other that buying our home together would not defeat the purpose of us wanting to live with one another.

Jase valued things that I didn’t. I wanted things he thought were peripheral. Neither of us could agree on what was truly important about our purchase, and when I think about it, we really just needed to put down our pride and realise what we truly wanted in a home. It took a buyers advocate in Melbourne for us to see that.

There were a few ways we could have done that, but with the baby on the way, we didn’t have a lot of time to manage our differences and disseminate the reasons we both wanted to win. Being stubborn individuals didn’t help. But we did make an extremely valuable decision together, based on the advice of Jase’s workmate who’d found himself in a similar situation. We enlisted the services of a buyers advocate.

At first, I thought Jase was going to blow our budget on stuff we didn’t need- but when his friend told us how much money the buyers advocate had saved them, we were quick to realise how valuable finding a good buyers advocate would be, especially as we are prone to biting the stress hook, and most importantly, considering we wanted to be in our new home before the baby arrived.

We contacted the guy Jase’s friend had put us on to. Within meeting him and getting to understand the role of a buyers advisor, we went from apprehensive to having absolute confidence in the service.  Within a few short weeks, we’d found the place we never thought we’d find- and both agreed on it.

Jase and I are so happy to have done the hard yards and now that we are welcoming our tiny new team member, it’s time for us to take a breath and get to know our new home, community and neighborhood. We’d never have known how easy it might be without the help of our advocate.