The calm after the conveyancing storm

It’s finally over. Not only did we renovate the entire house all by ourselves, but the place was put up for sale last week and. Thanks to the conveyancers, we met with the new owners for the first time today. What an incredible journey.

To try and sum the whole thing up with a word would be to simplify the matter far too much. Over the last year of my life I have poured sweat, and tears into that place. The mix of emotions that I’m dealing with as I’m about to say goodbye is so complex that I’m not even sure how to deal. Relieved, delirious, and furious are all words that spring to mind.

To be honest I’m not sure why on earth we could tackle this monstrous project on our own. Neither myself nor my husband have any experience renovating, so it was a total jump into the dark. I’m honestly stunned that it payed off in the end – for a minute there I wasn’t sure it would. Now it’s just a process of getting all the paperwork sorted out, which is a bit of a minefield in itself. We’ve managed to wade through a lot of it on our own, but when we got into the more fiddly end of things, we realised we needed to look at South East suburbs conveyancing groups, just to have a look and see what’s out there, if nothing else.

If we weren’t convinced about involving a conveyancer before, we were once we’d found out the wonderful work they do. Those people know the property market in Melbourne, and having them guide us over these final hurdles has been a complete life saver. We would have had absolutely no idea what to do about simple things, like the vendors statement, without their help. Even though this whole process has been overwhelmingly terrible, they conveyancers made these last few days actually pretty enjoyable.