Staffing Computer Search

As Rylee started searching through the computer in the central control room of Careers Are Us, she kept an ear out for the conversations being had around her. Everyone in this place seemed super committed to the whole staffing agency thing. She had to give credit where it was due – they were almost starting to convince her.

“Yeah, I was chatting to a client about staffing agencies for mining recruitment the other day. I said that recruitment in the mining sector is one of our specialties.”

“Nice work, Jim! Recruitment for mining is always a tough one to deal with.”

Rylee searched through the computer, looking for the file path that would lead to shared company files. They had to use some sort of cloud system to keep everything easily accessible, surely.

Eventually, she found it. She began searching through report files, looking for something to do with property owned by the Conclave of Mechanists.

“I’d love working for any recruitment agencies for construction industries, but Careers Are Us is easily my favourite.”

“Absolutely. I love working here. The people are great. The work is fun. It’s my dream job!”

Where are you? Rylee thought, now getting frustrated with her search. Time to block out the conversations around her about how awesome it was to work at a job staffing agency and find some answers.

She continued scrolling through the list of reports, scanning the names. Pasta Tuesday – Report. Pressure Cookoff – Report. Project C.O.L.E. – Report. Proper Christmas Party – Report.

Wait, what? Rylee went back. Project C.O.L.E.? What the heck was that? Surely it couldn’t have anything to do with her Cole. It just couldn’t.

Did she dare read it? It was probably just a coincidence. Absolutely nothing to worry about. But then again, if she didn’t read it, she’d always wonder about this. So, she’d just take a peek. Make sure it had nothing to do with Cole. Put her mind at ease.

And so, Rylee doubled clicked on the file, her heart all the way in her throat as she did.