Landing a Landscaper

Today has been absolutely wonderful! For the last ten years I have been living in a run-down, sad excuse for a house, but I am thrilled to say, that is all about to change!

My husband and I both recently retired and have decided to finally spruce up the old homestead. The garden is at the top of my list, mainly because we haven’t agreed on the house changes yet. We’ve been looking for the best landscapers in Melbourne North for months. We both knew exactly what we wanted for our front and back garden, which meant everything was quite specific and nothing less than the best would do. My husband is extremely successful in business, but it has been tough for him to apply all that expertise towards our home renovations. While he’s confident in the corporate world, landscapers think and operate very differently, and making that transition has been extremely difficult for him.

At the beginning, a lot of the gardeners we were meeting with were a let down. They would say one thing and do another. It took a long time for us to find the landscapers we would were comfortable trusting. When we found the team based in Melbourne North we knew straight away that they were different. Their whole attitude to the task at hand was a breath of fresh air. They talked us through everything, from the choice of plants to the exposed aggregate. North Melbourne has been our home for ten years, and we knew we wanted to modernise along with the rest of our suburb. They helped us learn how to become take care of a modern garden while keeping a sense of our old home. They also helped us shape what we wanted from a backyard renovation.

Now, after all the months of planning and decision making, the actual process of remodeling our garden has begun. The landscaping crew came in today and began clearing away all the old bushes to make space for the new plants. It was refreshing to see our garden stripped bare. I don’t even think I can express how excited I am! The makeover has finally begun!