Kitchen Opposites Attract

What do you get when cross an art deco fanatic and a surfer, and throw them together in a home renovation project? A recipe for a hit reality tv show, that’s what. Or maybe a sitcom. But also, you get the current relationship between my brother and his partner as they vie for control over the interior design of their new home.

Phil has been into historical design for as long as I can remember, and is a lecturer in decorative arts at a leading university. Lee, on the other hand, would happily chill at the beach 24/7, given the option. The challenge is to figure out how to work Phil’s elaborately stylised tastes into something a little more laid back, and add aesthetic definition to Lee’s casual, carefree approach.

The first step is redoing the kitchen – on this, at least, they can both agree. Lee has also conceded that there is good reason look into custom kitchen design companies. Melbourne is the place to avail oneself of such a service, if ever the was one, and it seems kind of an exciting prospect to me. Still, Lee has need some convincing in coming round to this point – originally, he was all for making do with a barbeque on the porch. 

Next in line after the much-needed kitchen remodelling (anything will be better than what’s there at the moment, honestly) is finding a company that does laundry renovations. This might seem like an illogical priority, given that laundries aren’t generally focal points, but this one is a bit of a mess logistically. Basically, the appliances don’t seem to fit without it being impossible to close the door. Given that the room comes off the kitchen and dining area, this leaves a lot to be desired.

The good thing about this aspect of the home makeover is that it’s less driven by aesthetics and more by basic functionality. I mean, I’m sure Phil’s still going to be campaigning for imported taps and a sculptural sink, while Lee’s going to be after a place to prop his board.