I’m Not Risking My Life for Windows

Man, the third window replacement this week! And of course, it’s two weeks after I got the job as the maintenance guy. Mr Clancey isn’t going to be happy about this, but it’s not like I have anything to do with it. There are all these weird lighting storms suddenly brewing, causing a bit of damage and then leaving again. I know we’ve had a lot of rain lately, but it IS weird.

Anyway, I was told on my first day, by the old maintenance guy, that if there was some job I was unable to complete, I need to call in the professionals. Mr Clancey wouldn’t mind since he owns most of the businesses and I can’t be expected to look after a mansion by myself. That’s why I decided to call in the big guns, namely the REAL residential glazing people from around here. There comes a point in every maintenance person’s life when they have to decide when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em. And when you’re standing in front of a mansion, looking up about fifty feet in the air where an entire massive pane of glass has been blown out by a lightning strike and you feel like climbing up there will be the thing that finally finishes you off…that’s when you need professional glaziers. They have tools to get up to high places, and also ways to lift large panes of irregularly-shaped glass up to the same level. In other words, I feel pretty confident that I made the right decision here. In the end, maybe that’s what my job is supposed to be: just a lot of delegation. I’m looking after a whole mansion, after all; I have my limits. And if the lord of the manor has connections to all the glass repair companies operating in Melbourne, and a million contacts besides that…then delegation is most of the reason I’m here anyway. Probably.