A perfectly landscaped garden requires a deft touch

I don’t really consider myself an expert in anything particularly; I’m more of a jack of all trades. If I had to specify, I lean towards finance and business, as I am the CFO of my company. I like to think I could branch out if I wanted to. I have always felt that I have a creative streak and that if I wanted to, I could embark on some sort of creative endeavour.

I love spending time in my backyard, so my interests are naturally drawn there. On a particularly boring day at work, I started looking online to find out how to best make use of these considerable talents.

In recent years I’ve been developing an interested in landscaping. Essendon, the suburb I live, is showcases just how beautiful gardens can be. I knew I wanted to be a part of that world somehow. I felt that making something of my time on this planet was more important than my ego. If I had to take a step back and let the experts take care of the heavy lifting, I was going to do that. I’m better at managing people than manual labour. I’d like to think of myself as a landscape designer, rather than a flower planter.

When it comes to my yard, I’ve got a few ideas. I know that I want hanging vines for my pergola, and roses lining the driveway. This is a great opportunity to put together a natural wonderland.

I have been wanting to host a grand back garden event for a while now. It’s a great excuse to go full speed ahead on my garden plans. When the builders and landscape designers have finished with the yard, I’ll be more than happy to hang some vines to create that natural look.

The garden will look better than I could possibly imagine. I could not have asked for better garden landscaping designs. The vines are on their way from Mexico, and once they get here, they’ll go straight to the pergola. Next stop is to transform the front yard with the best garden landscape designers Melbourne North has ever seen. Then if we have any leftover vines from the pergola I’ll scatter a few around.